Venice gives the true Italian vibe and is one of the most romantic cities we’ve been to.  It is stunning, majestic and charming.  Every turn is different as you venture through narrow alleys and passageways.  Canals weave through the city with (pricey) gondolas to boat you around, if you wish.





There is no need for a map as the best way to experience the city is to get lost in the maze of buildings, exploring the life of locals and absorb the magnificent architecture.




Venice floods every day during high-tide, such a foreign sight to see! To locals it’s just another day as they prepare their first floor businesses with blockades to keep as much water out as possible.  We bought water booties to keep our shoes and pants dry as we swished through the 12 inch deep water to view the sites.






We stumbled upon a market offering an array of fresh seafood including octopus and crabs, which were still slightly moving.  As usual for most cities, this Saturday market was packed with locals making their weekly food run.


We finally took a break from all the walking and enjoyed a drink called Spritz while people-watching and gazing out into the lagoon of the Adriatic Sea with the high-tide over the walkways.  Spritz is made with orange liquor (Aperol), soda water and prosecco and tastes very bitter.  More of a one-time drink for us.


You can take a boat over to the other islands (Torcello, Murano and Burano) for more attractions other than the central sights of Venice. But we opted out for an afternoon of wine drinking by the canal since we only came for a day-trip and had a train to catch back to Florence.

Our little (3 bottles of wine) happy hour led to us taking the wrong train and ending up in Bologna with no other train getting us back to Florence until the morning.  We had to find a hotel (third time was the charm) to post up for the night, our phones died and we had to buy another train ticket home.  Talk about an expensive mistake! A story nonetheless!


I feel a day in Venice was plenty but of course spending 2-3 nights would be wonderful too.  It’s just so nice to wander aimlessly, take in the incredible surroundings and be an incredible culture.

Date Visited: 10/15/16