Milan is one of those cities you only need a day to explore.  There is not too much to see compared to everywhere else in Italy but the most impressive sight was the spectacular Milan Cathedral.  It is the largest church in Italy and the 5th largest in the world!


The massive Gothic church took nearly 6 centuries to complete and is made of gorgeous white marble.  Guests can access the roof to explore the terraces and enjoy panoramic views of the city.  The cathedral contained the highest ceilings I’ve ever seen inside a church and the flooring too was just absolutely immaculate!




We also visited Sforza Castle, a large quadrangular-plan acropolis built in the 14th century containing 4 towers and 23ft thick walls.  It now houses several of the city’s museums and art exhibitions.


Unfortunately, just outside the walls are numerous peddlers, trying to trick you into buying their handmade bracelets by grabbing your hand and putting them on you.  They won’t leave you alone until you literally yell in their face to stop. But it doesn’t end there, they are all over the city, constantly annoying you, getting in the way of your pictures and trying to take advantage of innocent tourists. So be aware and don’t make eye contact.

We tried to see Leonardo’s famous painting “The Last Supper” but tickets had to be purchased weeks in advance! Poor planning on my part on that one.  We’ve usually been able to get away with purchasing tickets to popular attractions a week out at most.  That was a big bummer.

Milan was the only city in Italy where we actually found delicious pizza.  Most of the pizza in all of Italy is very thin, barely covered in toppings and fairly bland.  We stumbled upon a shop that displayed their giant freshly made pizzas in the street windows.  The crust was thicker and softer than others.  Toppings were not skimped and one slice fills you up! I tried the traditional Italian type which is topped with cheese and thinly sliced potatoes.  My taste buds were thoroughly impressed!




Although there wasn’t too much to do or see, we enjoyed walking around the city, people-watching and taking in the life of the locals.  Milan was the start to our Italian tour and we were eager to see what the rest of Italy had in store!

Dates Visited: 10/10-10/14, 2016