23939_10151260162889154_1801029073_n (1)Thanks for visiting our page and following us on our adventure! We (JC and Kristen) depart Austin in early August to embark on a 15 month traveling adventure to see what all this amazing world has to offer.

JC is originally from San Antonio, Texas and moved to Austin to attend college at St. Edward’s University.  After graduating in 2006 with his BA in Business Administration and Management, JC took his first solo trip around Europe for a month. Shortly after his return, he and Kristen met towards the end of that year through a mutual friend. At the time, Kristen was finishing up her undergraduate studies at Texas State University and JC was about to start his first big boy job at Wells Fargo. Although they hit it off, they remained friends because of the distance between where they lived and where they were both in their lives.

It wasn’t until 4 years later that JC and Kristen started dating. As much as they would like to share with you the great story of how they took that next step in our relationship, the truth is, they were both in tough situations early in their professional careers. It was during this dark time that they both realized they could light up each others’ world for the better.

10435462_10102517119339757_6930722543231367982_n (1)Kristen was waiting tables and living at home w/ her mom. At the time, most people their age were back under their parent’s roof due to their generation entering the work force during a major economic recession. Meanwhile, JC had spent the last two years working entrepreneurially and learned some really crushing lessons in trusting people and the importance of getting contracts in place. A series of unfortunate events led JC to hit rock bottom and resort to living on his mom’s couch but Kristen was not phased by this predicament. In retrospect, this tough time was a Godsend because JC and Kristen were able to spend so much quality time getting to know each other that it became clear they were meant for one another. It is during tough times that people see their real self.

On January 5th, 2011 they took that next step in their relationship and their lives have only gotten better ever since. Within a few months of dating, JC returned to corporate America to get back on his feet and Kristen got her first non service-industry related job. Once they became a couple, their lives radically changed for the better and ultimately led to them moving in with each other in April 2012, a little over a year after dating.

11174873_999747850709_7179595663975957029_n (1)Living together worked out great and led JC to propose in August 2013 in front of all of Kristen’s family. JC put so much thought into it that he caught Kristen by complete surprise and was able to get it all on video, click here to see it!

Their big day came on April 18th, 2015 and it could not have been more magical. They got married outside by Lake Travis in the Texas Hill Country and it was absolutely beautiful. You can see a short clip of their wedding by clicking here!

The good times just kept on rolling into their honeymoon in Aruba, The Happy Island. They bragged on how phenomenal Aruba was and they  were able to capture a few of the moments on a slide show, which you can view  by clicking here  JC and Kristen strongly suggest not waiting to go on your honeymoon.  “Getting that week to yourself after marrying your love is truly incredible.  The feelings and emotions are so much stronger,” they said.

Random about us picJC must have never gotten off of that wedding “high” because one month after their wedding, JC surprised Kristen with a crazy plan to travel for 15 months before starting a family. Considering that they’ve talked about it for years, they tried to think of every possible scenario and finally settled on a plan to move forward with. In June 2015, JC and Kristen started detailing and time-lining their upcoming 15 month travel adventure.


We created this site to share our experiences as The Road Tripping Newlyweds with our friends, family and world at large.  We have come a long way in the almost 9 years that we have known each other and are very fortunate to be in this position.

We’d love to get together with whoever is willing along our journey so, please do not hesitate to reach out to us; we’re all about meeting new people and trying new experiences!

-The Traveling Newlyweds

10516760_10102438604434257_5988880395666953027_n (1)Fun Facts about JC and Kristen

  • We both love going to comedy shows, happy hours w/friends, trying new things, running, biking, playing with our little 10lb Morkie, Chui, traveling and going out to the river or lake for some water fun.
  • Kristen is creative, goofy and outgoing. She loves to learn about other people and is a question asker.  She loves making crafts, shopping, entertaining and socializing.
  • JC is extremely driven, goal-oriented and somewhat of a modern day renaissance man.  He is extremely witty and at times too sarcastic. He enjoys reading, playing all types of games, learning and watching movies.